When&Why you should put onion in your ear


Natural remedies are always a good solution for different health problems and onion is an excellent ingredient not only for food recipes, but also for your health!

If you have an annoying earache, here’s what you have to do.

Cut a piece of onion and put it in your ear. Yes, that’s right! Take that piece of onion and put it in your ear! It has anti-inflammatory proprieties and it will make your pain go away in no time. As an alternative, you can steam or bake an onion with the skin on until it is soft, then crush it in a bowl to get it’s juice out. Using an eyedropper, place some of the warm juice in the ear.

Onion juice also softens earwax so that it can be removed more easily. If you do this before going to bed, in the morning you will feel much better.

What else is onion good for?

Cough or bronchitis

If you put in 250 milliliters of water two large onions and let them boil for fifteen minutes, you’ll get a miracle syrup. Strain the content and leave it to cool. Sweeten with honey and drink one cup three times a day. Thus, you’ll get rid of the annoying cough.

Insect stings and bites

Apply as soon as possible a chopped onion on the bite/sting. This will reduce swelling and will absorb the venom.

Foreign object in the eye

Have that annoying feeling of something in the eye? Chop an onion. The tears will clear your eye.

When and why you should put onion in your earAdvertisement