Prevent gout! How to remove uric acid from joints!


Uric acid is a substance resulting from the degradation of nucleic acids, and when in excess it is deposited in the joints, triggering gout. Gout pain in the joints is a known health condition that affects a lot of people.

Some treat it with natural supplements while others are “poisoning” their body with several drugs to relieve the pain.

What you will read in the next lines is a very good and healthy way to eliminate crystallisation of uric acid in the joints.

The answer to gout is a cucumber smoothie. It lowers body temperature, is alkaline and helps remove uric acid in the joints. If you suffer from gout, a detoxification cure based on cucumber, ginger and celery is indicated, as it will help eliminate toxins.

For this smoothie, you need a medium sized cucumber, two pieces of celery, a slice of lemon and half an inch of ginger root. Wash the ingredients (peel the ginger and celery), cut them and put them in the blender. Squeeze lemon juice over. Drink this smoothie once or twice a day, for 14 days.

Besides the benefits of cucumber juice, ginger juice and celery will help reduce inflammation when the body is subjected to a cleansing process.

Uric acid is produced during the degradation of purines, proteins found in many foods. Once created, uric acid is transported in the blood, filtered by the kidneys and excreted largely in the urine. When in excess, it is deposited in the joints, triggering gout. Alcohol, diuretic drugs, hypothyroidism, obesity or renal failure are among the causes that increase uric acid levels. A diet rich in meat, asparagus, spinach, beans, peas, mushrooms and cauliflower also leads to the increase of this substance. Increased uric acid shows few symptoms and is discovered during a routine blood test.

Prevent gout. How to remove uric acid from joints