Natural remedies that stop premature greying of hair!


I’m 25 and I’m already seeing some gray hair strands, and this freaks me out! Fortunately, scientists have discovered what causes our hair to turn gray. It seems that people with gray hair accumulate hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles, which causes hair to go gray from the inside, out.

They say that this process can be reversed by “a cocktail of antioxidants” which allows hair repigmentation. This discovery was made while studying a disease called vitiligo (which causes depigmentation of skin and hair).

Based on their discovery, here are some natural remedies that will help you stop your hair go gray too soon. Of course, ignore this if you look like George Clooney :wink:.

  • Honey and flax seeds

You need 500 grams of honey, 100 milliliters of flax seed oil, one small garlic clove, 2 lemons. First clean the garlic and put it in the bowl of a blender. Afterwards, wash the lemons and peel only one of them. Put the lemons over the garlic. Start the blender and leave it on until you get a homogeneous mixture. Add flax seed oil and honey and mix with a spoon. Once you have mixed well, put the mixture in a jar with a lid, then put the jar in the refrigerator where it will keep in the best condition. Eat a spoonful of this mixture half an hour before each meal. It is recommended to take this mixture at least three times a day. Treatment should be followed for 30-40 days.

  • Essential carrot oil

You’ll need half a spoon of essential carrot oil and four spoons of sesame oil. Mix the two ingredients, then apply the solution to the hair roots. Massage the scalp with circular motions for 10 minutes, then let the treatment act for another 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and shampoo.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many benefits for hair and scalp, so it is used in many hair treatments. Mix coconut oil and lemon juice, apply with a gently massage to the hair roots and scalp for a few minutes. Let this remedy act for half an hour or an hour, then rinse with warm water and shampoo.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary oil can also be used for hair care. All you have to do is apply after bathing a small amount of oil on the white hairs. Follow this treatment for several months to get the desired effects. Rosemary oil will darken hair color, give shine and hydrate dry hair.

Natural remedies that stop premature greying of hair!