How to lose weight without exercising


You want to lose weight but you don’t have time for exercising or can’t go to the gym? Well, nature is full of surprises and can give you a helping hand to loose those extra pounds.

Negative calorie foods are those for which the body burns for digestion a higher amount of calories than contained in them. Thus, consumption of these foods helps to reduce body fat. If you want to lose weight, nutritionists’ advice not to skip meals because this will slow down your metabolism and cause you health problems. It is better to eat foods with negative calories. So, which foods can help you lose weight? Find out below.

  1. Apples

Pectin – a substance found in apples – reduces the cell’s ability to retain fat. The antioxidants in apples help prevent metabolic symptom, which results in the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

  1. Fruits rich in vitamin C

Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, guava, papaya, tangerines, but also tomatoes help your body burn fat faster.

  1. Foods rich in calcium

One study found that overweight people who consumed three servings of calcium-rich dairy per day lost more fat from the abdominal area than those who followed a similar diet, but not with dairy products. Skim milk, yogurt or cottage cheese added to the daily diet can help you lose some weight.

  1. Curry leaves

Curry leaves help detoxify the body, reducing fat deposits.

  1. Hot peppers

Foods containing chili or cayenne pepper are considered foods that burn fat. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which helps increase metabolism. Capsaicin causes the body to burn extra calories 20 minutes after you ate hot peppers.

  1. Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice often ranked as the third most expensive spice in the world (after saffron and vanilla). Cardamom has powerful thermogenic effects that help boost your metabolism and burn fat.

  1. Garlic

Garlic reduces fat storage in the body and promotes their elimination. Thus, less fat is deposited in the blood and tissues.

  1. Foods rich in protein and fiber

They are excellent for burning abdominal fat. Proteins require more energy to be digested than fat, so do not hesitate to eat foods like dairy products, beans, whole grains, oatmeal or eggs. Eggs contain vitamin B12 which helps the body burn fat.

  1. Green tea

Green tea regulates sugar levels in the body, reducing the amount of insulin produced by it. Thus prevents the storage of fat and keeps your appetite under control. It’s also a good energizer.

  1. Fish oil

A recent study showed that fish oil/fat are great for the body and help slimming. Consumed often, fish oil burns fat. You can lose 5 pounds in three months.

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