How to treat and prevent foot blisters


Those new shoes are giving you hell? They look so great but are so painful to wear? Your feet are hurting and you can’t wait to get home and slip into something more comfortable? Well this article is for you! Here are some natural remedies for foot blisters and tips and tricks to prevent them in the future.

First of all, you need to understand how and why blisters appear. They are caused by friction between your foot and shoe, that makes your first layer of skin to get thicker and irritate the underlying tissue. So, the first rule in prevention is avoid friction! You can do this simply by choosing the right pair of socks, or by wearing two pairs of socks (this will significantly reduce friction). Even a simple plaster applied on the heel, for example, can do wonders. You can find here a very good guide on how to prevent blisters. If it’s too late for prevention and you already suffer from blisters, you can use these natural remedies that will bring your feet back in shape in no time!

What you can do at home for new blisters:

  • Marigold (Calendula officinalis) ointment – To prepare the ointment you need 50 g dried marigold flowers or 100 g fresh flowers, 400 ml of olive oil, one tablespoon of butter or lard and two tablespoons of beeswax. Grind well the flowers, put them in a jar and pour olive oil over them. Cover with a lid and leave them near a heat source to macerate for three weeks. Filter the oil, pour it into an enamel pot and heat it in a steam bath (bain-marie). Add butter or lard, and wax, and when you have a homogenous mixture take the pot off the heat, leave to cool and stir well with a wooden spatula until you get a cream. The ointment thus obtained will be stored in a refrigerator and used several times a day against blisters.
  • Before going to bed, soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes. Cut a piece of pineapple and apply on the blister. You can cut a smaller piece, put it in your sock and leave it there over the night. Repeat for 4-5 consecutive nights.
  • Mix half a cup of rice flour with water to obtain a thick paste. Apply the paste on the blister and leave to dry.
  • Greater celandine cataplasm – This plant is well known and effective solution against blisters. How to make the cataplasm: mix a small handful of well shredded leaves of celandine with warm water until you get a thick paste. Apply the mixture on the affected place and cover it with a cloth or plaster.
  • Garlic juice – mix some well pressed garlic cloves with a bit of vinegar then apply the paste on the blister. Repeat until the blister is gone.
  • Onion – peel the layers of an onion and cook them in the oven until they soften. After, leave to soak for a few minutes in vinegar, then apply the onion on the blister and fix it with a plaster. Leave it over night and remove in the morning.

Learn how to treat and prevent foot blisters