How to make nail polish last longer!


It’s not only the quality of your nail polish that counts when talking about how long your manicure stays impeccable. Also important is the way you apply the nails polish.

First of all, your nail has to be healthy (check out tips & tricks for healthy nails). If it exfoliates, your nail polish will peel of at the same time.

Leave your nails to “breathe” at least a day per week, giving them a break from nail polish. On clean nails, apply lemon juice or olive oil.

Olive oil has a regenerating effect on nails. By keeping your nails in warm olive oil (warm, not hot! Be careful!), you prevent their exfoliation, while lemon juice hydrates and supplies them with much needed vitamins, also making your nails shine. It’s best that you apply lemon juice on your nails before going to bed, so that it can act until the morning.

Remove the dead skin, give your nail a slightly rounded shape with a file and make sure that its surface is smooth and dry.

Apply a nourishing polish, with vitamins A and E, keratin and calcium. Now you can start to apply the nail polish in 2 layers. The key to this procedure is to “seal” the tip of the nail, because it is more prone to chipping. With every layer of nail polish applied, pass the brush all-around, even under the tip, so that everything is covered. This is the most important element that gives your nail polish endurance.

When finished, if you see small imperfections, apply colorless lacquer. You can do this again after 2-3 days, to refresh your nails’ appearance.

learn how to make your nail polish last longer