How easy it is to make your nail polish last longer!


Your nail polish peels quickly and you can’t afford to go to a professional salon or don’t want to expose your nails to aggressive treatments? There is a simple and handy solution can save you the inconvenience of a meeting where you get with your nail polish peeled.

Even worse is when your nail polish falls off i when you need to look your best, as if it knows your agenda and hears when you have something important to do tonight.

Sounds familiar? Probably it often happened for your nail polish to chip and all you want is a quick and cheap trick to make it last longer.

Prepare a solution of one cup of lukewarm water and 4 tablespoons of vinegar (wine or apple cider).

Keep your nails dipped in the vinegar solution for about 2 minutes, leave them to dry completely and then apply your usual nail polish, a layer or two, no more.

The vinegar will clean all oils and sebum from the nails and the nail polish will adhere better to the nail, lasting longer.

make your nail polish last longer